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This font bundle contains all of the single line typefaces offered on plus 4 conventional fonts. That is a total of 19 typefaces, including the 9 font families (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic) for each single line font we offer as a family (Hand, Hand 2, Modern, Modern 2, Roman Sans, Roman Serif, Round, Simple Sans, and Typewriter) and the remaining 8 single line fonts are Regular (Computer, Humanist, Modern Narrow, Monospace, Script, Script 2, Script 3, Stencil, License Plate, and Simple Sans Narrow).
The Conventional fonts: Arlune, Blomfer & Blomfer Round have 4 different weights (light, regular, semi-bold, & bold), while Stencil Round Ends is regular weighted only.
As is our 'Full' font standard each font contains nearly 400 glyphs to meet the needs of most Roman based languages. The Computer & License Plate fonts are only available as 'Basic' 103 glyph fonts. Files are TTF (truetype) format. Regular weighted fonts are designed at 1/4" in height with 1/32" (.032") milling tool, while bold weighted fonts are designed at the same 1/4" height but with a 1/16" (.064") tool, though they will look a little better with a little more height. As you use different heights adjust the tool size accordingly.
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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 10 September, 2013.