OLF Simple Sans CJK OC - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, more


OLF Simple Sans CJK regular - This is the OLF Simple Sans Regular extended language font that includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and additional Cyrillic, Greek, & Hebrew text. The Simple Sans design is meant to be a close representation of the popular Arial typeface. This font contains over 35,000 glyphs! It should contain everything you need for the above mentioned languages. If it does not, let me know. To view all of the included glyphs, please download this image file.

This CJK version contains the nearly 400 glyphs of our 'Full' set to meet the needs of most English and Romantic languages plus additional letters so there are now 200+ Cyrillic glyphs, 300+ Greek/Coptic glyphs, 70+ Hebrew glyphs, & several hundred more accented Latin glyphs. The Greek glyph set includes accented letters from the monotonic system while the Hebrew set contains the basic alphabet and accented letters.

Now for the CJK groupset. There are over 33,000 Chinese, Japanese, and Korean glyphs in this typeface. It includes the Unicode group of the most commonly used Chinese characters, Supplemental Chinese symbols, various symbols & punctuation, Korean Hangul, and Korean Hangul Jamo.

The Arabic groupset is thorough and complete. It's a very complex language to prepare for digital text but everything you need should be there.

File is a TTF (Truetype) format. Regular weighted fonts are designed at 1/4" in height with 1/32" (.032") milling tool. As you use different heights adjust the tool size accordingly. Some CJK characters can be very intensive and may require different sizing for an optimal appearance.

Please note, the CJK font has only been prepared in the "OC" & "universal" font formats. The "OC" format currently works in: Enroute 6+, FeatureCAM 2014+, Hundegger, Impact, Make the Cut, Rhino3D, Solid Edge ST9+, SolidWorks 2014+, Text Sketcher, VisualMill, and WoodWOP 2014+. The "universal" format works in most programs, but is not guaranteed. To try the font formats out download the test font.

There are a couple additional software companies preparing to release updated versions of their software that will correctly draw the OC font format. If your software provider is not currently on the list, encourage them to add such a feature and to contact me for assistance.

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