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OLF Typewriter Family Full- This family of fonts is based on Courier New. It is a mono-spaced typeface with large serifs. It looks much like the typeface one would expect from a typewriter, hence the name. Mono-spaced, means that every letter & punctuation uses amount of width, so as you type lines of text (one above the other) the letters will line up vertically. This is how a typewriter would type. This family includes the Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic fonts all of which contain nearly 400 glyphs to meet the needs of most English and Romantic languages.

Files are TTF (truetype) format. Regular weighted fonts are designed at 1/4" in height with 1/32" (.032") milling tool, while bold weighted fonts are designed at the same 1/4" height but with a 1/16" (.064") tool, though they will look a little better with a little more height. As you use different heights adjust the tool size accordingly.

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